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This week in the US is Thanksgiving, a holiday to slow down, spend time with friends and family and enjoy great food and drink.

Thanksgiving Tahoe

It’s also a time to for us to reflect upon what we are grateful for.

We are very lucky to have the means and opportunity to live in an amazing mountain town in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Endless hiking trails, wilderness, forest roads and parks surround us.

Tahoe Kayak

We are also grateful that our lives allow us to spend time in the outdoors.  It wasn’t long ago that daylight hours away from work were unheard of.  A shift in priorities and a career change have allowed us to devote our days to the outdoors, and for the we are grateful.

The outdoor community around us, both in person and online that supports and inspires us everyday are something else we are grateful for.

Tahoe Truckee

This Holiday week, let us know what you are thankful for.