The Simple Secret to Camping More Often

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Simple Secret To Camping More Often

It’s all too easy to get swept up in work, weekend chores and other priorities until you realize its been months since you’ve made it out on a camping trip.

S240 is a term that’s familiar to me.  Though, I’ve learned, many other campers, hikers and other friends react with a quizzical look.

It’s time that more people learn the beauty that is the S24O.  It stands for Sub-Twenty-Four Hour Overnight.  The concept: stop the excuses and take one night and just go.  Find the closest camp site, leave after work and be back home in less than a day.  When you go for just one night, it’s easier to carve out the time.  Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.  So what if you forgot the sleeping pad , the lantern, or the coffee?  You’ll be back home before tomorrow night.

Open up google maps and find the closest camp ground.  Throw what you need in a bag after work and head on out.

Though I’ve lived all over the country, I’ve never lived more than an hour’s drive from a great campsite.  Worst case, utilize your ‘leave no trace’ skills and head toward the closest open space for some stealth camping.

It’s even the perfect excuse to get that friend of yours to come who claims they don’t have the skills or the gear to head out with you on your longer trips.  When it’s only one night the excuses come few and far between.

The concept of the S240O was originally popularized in bike-touring circles by Grant Peterson of Rivendell Bicycle Works in an Adventure Cycling article.

So what’s your excuse to not go play in the woods this weekend?


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