So many clothing manufacturers these days like to boast on their packaging or clothing tags things like “wind proof up to 65MPH” or “breathable, odor-resistant”.  So many of these claims seem to fall short.

The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer is one of the few pieces of technical clothing that lives up to every single claim made by the manufacturer, and then some.

These lightweight (0.3 oz) synthetic boxers are made to last.  I purchased my first pair about 4 years ago, and they’re still going strong.

They are comfortable, and breathable.  I originally purchased them to take hiking and camping, but as I acquired more pairs they have become my daily wear.  While camping or traveling I usually bring two pairs.  I can wear one and wash the other at night.  Washing these in the sink take less than 5 minutes.  I then hang them to dry.  They will be completely dry in 2-4 hours (depending on the local humidity).  I’ve hung them in front of a heater and had them dry in less than 30 minutes.

Knowing I’ve got the ability to be completely comfortable and clean while only carrying one pair of underwear (beyond the pair I’m wearing) is a liberating thing.

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