Gear Worth Owning: Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger

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Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag - Fully Loaded

I received the Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger as a door prize at a local Timbuk2 event here in SF.  I was happy to receive the bag, but to be honest I wasn’t sure what I received, as I had never heard of the hidden messenger before.  Timbuk2 is known for their traditional messenger bags, and their lifetime warranty.

When I got home and pulled the bag out, I was pleasantly surprised.  The hidden messenger is an extremely lightweight ( 0.39 lb.) bag, not too big and not too small.  It’s key design feature is that it can fold away into it’s own built-in pocket to be hidden away.  It’s made out of a nylon ripstop fabric.  Though, due to it’s lightweight construction it’s not going to be the best bag to weigh down and stuff full.

What fits in a Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag:

What fits in a Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag

In short time, it has become my daily carry bag.  I throw it in my bike basket for my commute in to work, 80% empty.  I can fill it up with library books or items from the drugstore on my way home, and still have room to spare.

I’ve spilled coffee on the inside of the bag, and was able to wash this bag in the sink with Dr. Bronner’s, and it was completely dry within a few hours.

Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag Empty

I’ve even been caught in the rain with this bag, with important files inside.  Though this bag is certainly not considered waterproof, and the gap between the messenger flap and the main body of the bag is an easy spot for water to get it – my files stayed dry.

Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag Folded Up

The small inner pocket (the same one that the bag folds up in to) is perfect for protecting smaller items, such as my house keys.

Though I don’t usually use the feature, I like knowing that the bag can collapse into itself and be stored or carried as a small zipped up pocket.

Ultimately, the Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger is a bag whose beauty is in its simplicity.

Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag Fabric Detail

Timbuk2 Hidden Messenger Bag Logo Detail


  • Dimensions: 12.4 by 6.49 by 4.92 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: .39 pounds
  • Fabric blend of 90% Recycled PET and 10% Nylon.