Spirits in the Woods

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No, not the ghost and goblins kind of spirits…

Ghosts in the woods

The kind you put in a mixed drink!

It seems that asking what type of alcohol should be brought along on a camping trip often brings up some strong opinions.

There are those who prefer a cold beer.  Though due to temperature and weight, beer is often reserved for car camping.

Wine can be a great choice once you remove the heavy glass bottle.  We usually opt to bring along our wine in a Platypus container designed for this very purpose.  I’ve had friends use bagged wine – though I’ve never found a variety I could stand to drink.  There is also the outdoor oriented Climber wine from Cliff Wineries (the same family behind Cliff Bars).

wine in Platypus 1L Water bottle

With an appropriate mixer, vodka can be a lovely camping companion.  Pre-mix a few cocktails, stick them in  the freezer and pull them out just before you leave home.  By the time dinner is done on the first night they should still be chilly enough to enjoy.

There is a new vodka on the shelfs of our neighborhood market that looks to be made especially for taking into the outdoors.  Kru vodka comes ready to go in a reusable stainless steel bottle complete with lanyard and carabiner.

KRU 82 Camping Vodka

I’ve known friends on especially chilly nights to bring along a flask of caramel or peppermint schnapps to mix with some powdered hot chocolate.

camping flask


What’s your favorite campsite beverage?


254 Responses

  1. Dan

    Jagermeister is a favorite backpacking elixir of mine.  It gets transported via a Surly flask.  Good whiskey sometimes get brought along too. 

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