Simplify Your Life To Find More Time for Adventure

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As a busy couple with plenty on our plates, we still find time to take at least one big adventure day a week (think a day-long hike, snowshoe or camping adventure).

We are often asked how we find the time.  The answer: simplicity and efficiency.  We pair down our obligations, our possessions and our expenses.

Find Time for Adventure


Being smart with the money we have means we don’t need to dedicate our time to extra hours, additional part-time jobs or hectic corporate ladders as if often the case in mountain towns.


We have a routine for our household consumables.  We check in on them about once a month, and order or buy more as necessary.  We never wait until we’re down to the last tube of toothpaste before buying more.  This avoids last minute store runs that could otherwise take up our time.  This is also good practice in a mountain town, where one bad snow storm could potentially shut down interstate access of supplies into town.


We eat at home, saving time and money.  We pick out a few recipes for dinners, reviewing what we have on hand and looking at the calendar to see how long one grocery trip should realistically last.  Adding snacks and breakfast to the shopping list ,we then make one efficient shopping trip, sticking to the list.  This saves time and money throughout the week as we know what we can make, and we have all of the necessary ingredients.  We also keep a stock of trail-friendly snacks on hand at all times, making it easy to grab and go.


If you want to spend more time outside but you don’t know where to find the time, something has to give.  Letting go of commitments, clubs, social obligations is real.  We prioritize our outdoor adventures over most things on days off.


The more ‘stuff’ you have, the more rent or mortgage you will pay and the more time you will spend maintaining your possessions.  We choose to live in a small efficient apartment instead of a large palatial home, saving money on heat and reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ we can possess.

Ironically enough, taking the time to setup the systems to be more efficient can be time consuming in itself.  But taking the time to do so can be rewarding, leading to more time for adventures.