Learn to Ski or Ride This January

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Have you been wanting to learn to ski or ride, but have been putting it off?  Are you tired of tagging along on ski trips, just to sit in the lodge drinking hot chocolate?  January is the month to change all of that!

Learn to Snowboard

The month of January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard month throughout the country!  Often a lesson, gear rental and beginner pass can be had for around $50 this month.

A lesson from a professional is the right way to start your snow adventure off right.  With a proper lesson you can start off on the right foot, and get to enjoying your winter vacations sooner than if you waste hours on the bunny hill trying to get the hang of it all by yourself.

Buy your lesson package online and show up early to allow plenty of time to pickup your rental gear: boots, board or skis, and helmet.  Wear some warm base layers, a pair of snow pants, waterproof jacket and gloves.  Clothing can often be rented at local rental shops if you’re starting form scratch.  Come with a beginner mindset, and be ready to learn.  Staying well hydrated and tucking some ibuprofen in a pocket for when you get sore (yes, when, not if) isn’t a bad idea either.  Starting off in a good shape (even a few trips to the gym when you know your mountain trip is forthcoming) can make a big difference in how far you can push yourself, and ultimately how much fun you can have.

Learn to Ski

A morning lesson with a mid-day break for lunch and refreshments before heading out for an afternoon to showoff what you’ve learned is a great first day on the hill.  If you can swing it, try to allow a week between trips to the hill to allow your muscles a bit of recovery.  Learning to ski and ride is harder than skiing and riding, and you will be sore in ways you didn’t know possible.

A lifetime of enjoyment on the mountains can all be started with your first day of lessons.  Log on to skiandsnowboardmonth.org or check your local ski hill to find an area near you offering a great package deal.