Some days are worth spending inside.  When you’ve got time to spend in your home, but want to avoid turning on the heat here are a few ways to avoid turning on the heat:

- Put on a sweater, socks, hat and fingerless gloves.  Yep, if you run cold like I tend to, layer up while at home.  I used to peel off my extra layers as soon as I got home.  Off came my socks, sweater, jacket and hat.  Now, I just change my layers to more casual ones: wool hoodie instead of cashmere pullover, comfy socks instead of wool dress socks.

Do The Dishes

- Do the dishes by hand: Living in San Francisco comes with some compromises, including not having a dishwasher in our kitchen.  I used to loathe hand-washing all of my dishes, but now that the temperatures have dropped I look forward to running the warm water over my hands.

- Cover up: find a stylish and cozy blanket to keep on your couch.  Keeping it nearby and readily available will encourage you to use it.

Cozy Blanket

- Take a hot shower or bath.

- Watch a movie or browse photos of warm locales.  Read a book set in Mexico.

Drink Warm

- Eat warming or spicy foods.

- Knit something beautiful out of wool or cashmere: it will keep your hands busy and warm, and as your projects progresses it will cover your lap to keep you warm as well.

Head to Bed Early

- Head to bed early.  In the winter the sun sets early, daylight is short.  Heading to bed, often the warmest place in the house, is a great way to stay warm.

  • Dbinkley

    Sorry to tell you the picture of you washing a glass with a sponge is bad.  Washing dishes with sponges and wash cloths carry tons of bacteria can get you sick very fast.