Embrace the Unknown

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There are many things you can control and plan in your daily life.  But, if you’re looking to get outside more often it’s best to embrace the unknown.  Use it as a lesson to be applied to your type-a life if you must, but it is best to accept that unknown circumstance and events will be part of the adventure, and not what is in the way of your adventure.

Embrace the Unknown

You can plan your route, print maps and read trip reports until your blue in the face only to show up at the trailhead to find there are no parking spots and no nearby parking areas.

You can plan to reach a summit point, only to have to turn around due to unexpected dangerously impassible snow and ice in the late spring.

Having a plan, and being flexible are the difference between an outing ruined and an awesome adventure.

Keep an area map with you, and be ready to call an audible.  Forest service gate closed blocking your route to the trailhead?  Pull out the map and pick a new access point.  Often trails will have more than one trailhead access.

If the trailhead is packed, picking a new trail to head toward can often be the key to solitude in the forest.

Did you plan to have macaroni and cheese for dinner while camping, but forgot the pot to boil the pasta in at home?  Review your resources.  What food do you have, what containers do you have?  Can that old metal water bottle be put over your camp stove to heat up water for the macaroni?  Or, would you rather have granola bars and snickers for dinner?

When you embrace the unknown, and know that you will not know every detail and you will not be able to plan for every circumstance you are ready for adventure.

What unknowns have your adventures led you toward?