Chris’ Hack: DIY Bike Chain Brush or How to Clean the Gunk Out of Your Bike Chain

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It’s shocking how much dirt, grime and grease can collect in your bike chain .  I never really understood the concept when I would only occasionally ride my bike.  Now that I commute to work on my bike the chain gets pretty darn nasty all too quickly.

If you’ve got a dirty chain to clean and want an easy DIY way to make it happen, we’ve got the hack for you.

The tools at hand: two old tooth brushes, and some strong tape:

Tools to make your own chain brush.

Roll a small amount of the tape on itself to create the center stabilizer.

Then lay the two brushes out as so, ensuring that the bristles of the two brushes are touching – almost overlapping one another:

DIY Chain brush

Wrap the tape around the brushes:

DIY Chain brush

Ta-Da!  Your very own chain brush!

DIY Chain brush

Now put it to good use!

Hold the brush over the chain, and cycle your chain through the brushes by rotating the pedals of the bike.

DIY Chain brush

 Now you’ve got an easy and fuss-free way to clean and maintain your chain.


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2 Responses

  1. Kredahan

    Do you have to add oil or anything afterwards?

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a good idea to oil your chain regularly. Taking a few minutes to run your chain through the brush will remove the foreign particles and debris. At that point its not a bad idea to oil your chain. Just drop a few drops of oil on your chain as you move the pedals to let the oil disburse down the length of the chain. Run the chain (by moving the pedals) a few cranks then wipe the chain off with an old rag until it has little to no extra grease. Easy and takes less than 5 minutes to ensure a smooth rolling chain!

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