We’re a young couple with a passion for the outdoors.

Chris and Carissa

Though it wasn’t always that way.

We met in Orlando, FL while in college, where our shared passion for live music brought us together.  We spent most of our time inside music venues and bars, seeing the latest concert.  Soon enough we realized that living in a city built on tourism wasn’t for us.

Luckily, we were able to escape to Austin, TX.

The “Live Music Capitol of the World”, ironically enough, was where we learned to spend most of our time outdoors.  A simple purchase of entry-level mountain bikes lead us down the path to daily bike rides on dirt paths, hiking through the cities’ most majestic trails and camping on some of the nicest water-front property in town for the price of a park entrance fee.

When a job offer lead us to San Francisco, CA we brought our bikes, our hiking boots and our camping gear along with us.  Driving across the country, through the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the way to San Francsico from Austin, TX, we began to form a mental image of one day living in the mountains: a little land, a little house, a little life to call our own.

We now live in those very mountains we drove through.  Moving to Truckee, a little mountain town just a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Tahoe, has brought our dreams of mountain living to fruition.  Snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and camping are now just outside our door.

Welcome toTruckee

This blog is a place to document our outdoor adventures, our adventure preparedness, and our path towards building the life we want.


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