Igloos are Cool

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Igloos are something out of a children’s cartoon to me.

Pretend Igloo

It blows my mind to think that they are real, and that I could build one with my own two hands.

Ice Igloo

I came across a post from Sam at Going Places Quietly about how to truly build a useful igloo.

His post addresses the truth that building an igloo is hard work, even with a crew of several guys. Building an igloo takes all day.

Ice Blocks

Building an igloo is much more involved than I ever imagined.


Though, at the end of it you’ve got a place to sleep for the night.

A place you built with you own two hands, that keeps you warm and out of the elements.

Plus, it’s just cool.

igloo entrance

Required Gear: Tent

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What’s the point of a tent?

For me, a tent is one of the greatest secrets to enjoying the outdoors.

I love scenery, fresh air, and spending time outdoors.  I don’t love the concept of the bugs and other critters who can come out undetected after dark.

Tent Camping

Tents provide protection.  Sure, in the traditional sense they provide protection from the elements: wind, rain, sun.  For me, they provide protection from the critters.

I have zippers to keep them out.  Inside my tent, I can sleep soundly knowing that nothing is crawling on me, nothing is biting me.

Tent Camping
I can deal without a sleeping bag (depending on the weather), I’ve dealt without a sleeping pad, and I regularly deal without a pillow.  But for me, a tent is where I draw the line.  For me, a tent is required gear when it comes to camping.

What gear is required for you to go camping?