Prepping: Why We Keep a Supply of Medicine On Hand

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We’ve got a medicine drawer where we keep a general supply of common medicines: pain relievers, cold/flu medicine, vitamin C & zinc supplements, indigestion aids, muscle relaxers, etc.

We regularly prune through this drawer to ensure we don’t have erroneous and expired products.

Keeping this medical supply drawer started innocently enough, someone got a cold and didn’t use up all the medicine.  Someone needed some Tums, and now we have half a bottle left.  But on many occasions we’ve purposely restocked these items before they ran out, and before we needed them again.

prepping medical kit


Recently Chris thought he was getting allergies, a day later he was sure that what he thought were allergies was most certainly a cold, and the day after thought it was evident that he had the flu.  The sickness progressed so quickly that if we didn’t have the medicine on-hand and in the house, he may not have had the medicine he needed to relieve his symptoms.

Should we get sick while in a worse situation: while we’re broke and out of money, during a natural disaster, or any other time, we know we’re safe with our medicine safely stashed away.

How do you prepare for unforeseen uncertainties?