“What do you do while you’re camping?” ” Isn’t it boring?”

I get asked this every once in a while by friends who aren’t into camping.  Here, in no particular order, is our list of 99 things to do while camping.

1 – Catch lightning bugs in a jar.

2 – Make smores.

3 – Start a camp fire.

4 – Practice yoga.

Camping yoga Chris Binkley

5 – Look for big foot.

6 – Play hackysack.

7 – Use your flashlights to make shadow puppets.

8 – Tell scary stories around the fire.

9 – Go fishing.

10 – Play charades.

11 – Lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds drift by.

12 – Read a good book by flashlight.

13 – Play horseshoes.

14 – Watch for shooting stars.

15 – Knit some socks.

16 – Pick wild berries.

17 – Go for a bike ride.

bike ride Carissa Earl

18 – Go on a photo walk.

19 – Practice geocaching.

20 – Pick a wildflower bouquet.

21 – Learn to play badminton.

22 – Learn to tie a new knot.  Use it while setting up camp.

23 – Take a nap in the middle of the day.

24 – Practice your axe throwing skills.

Throw an axe Chris Binkley

25 – Forgo the portapotty and poop in the woods.

26 – Explore.

27 – Craft a snare and see what you can catch.

28 – Make a lean-to tent just in case it rains.

29 – Take a bath in the lake.

30 – Play tic tac toe in the dirt using sticks to draw.

31 – Sing your favorite songs out loud.

32 – Mix up a batch of cocktails and imbibe.

33 – Play Uno.

34 – Learn to play a new song on the guitar.

35 – Make friends with the campers from the nearby campsites.

36 – Play hide and go seek.

37 – Climb a tree.

Climbing Chris Binkley

38 – Toss a frisbee.

39 – Draw a scene.

40 – Make friendship bracelets.

41 – Learn to skip a rock across a body of water.

42 – Go foraging for something to add to your dinner.

43 – Build a sandcastle.

44 – Use a compass to find your way on a map.

45 –  Make a situpon.

46 – Practice your cartwheels.

47 – Rent a boat and go boating.

48 – Make coffee.

49 – Play volleyball in the sand (or dirt).

50 – Go rock climbing.

51 – Create camp nicknames for everyone on your trip, and insist that only those names are used.

52 – See what kind of bugs you can collect.

53 – Go on a scavenger hunt.

54 – Stare up at the stars and try to point out the constellations.

55 – Reenact your favorite movie scene by scene.

56 – Try to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

57 – Sharpen your knife.

58 – Make a cup of tea.

59 – Go on a picnic.

60 – Hunt for buried treasure.

61 – Whittle.

62 – Play the harmonica.

63 – Make a sundial.

64 – Go for a run.

65 –  Set up a hammock and take a nap in the middle of the day.

66 –  Go tubing.

67 -  Practice your target shooting.

68 –  Hug a tree (you dirty hippie).

69 – Learn a new card game.

70 – Paint a picture.

71 – Fly a kite.

72 – Make a tree fort.

73 – Have a light saber fight.

74 – Dig a hole.

75 – Make old fashion jiffyy pop over the fire.

76 – Write a poem.  It doesn’t have to rhyme.

77 – Climb up something tall (tree, cliff, car roof) and jump off.Up a tree Chris Binkley

78 – Listen to music.

79 – Stay indoors.

80 – Play capture the flag.

81 – Create a checklist of what you packed for this trip that you don’t want to forget for the next trip

82 – Find a fallen log to use as a walking stick.

83 – Find a fresh water source and filter some water for drinking.Camping water Chris Binkley

84 – Sommersault down a hill.

85 – Sunbathe.

86 – Collect shells or rocks.

87 – Play hide and seek.

88 – Bird watch.

89 – Make a rope swing.

90 – Chop wood for a fire.

91 – Make boobie traps to protect your campsite.

92 – Build a dirt jump.  Practice jumping your bike off of it.

93 – Build a solar oven.

94 – Go horse back riding.

95 - Practice your leave no trace skills.

96 – Start a drum circle.

97 – Write a novel.

98 – Play kickball.

99 – Take a picture.


  • Kristyn

    #52 is a HORRIBLE idea.  Lets see how many things that could kill us we can find.  #79 has a lot going for it. :)

  • Funholly01

    this is sooooooooooo cuute!

    • Cher


  • Rallyjeep

    In short, whatever the hell we want to do! Imagination: that’s the beauty of it!

  • Jrhahnie

    There are no rules in camping! Thats why I love it.

  • Cinnamonbunnns

    this will be my first time camping. and i have never been away from my iphone! wish me luck!

    • Carlifa

      Its torture believe me

  • Mtdillon

    this is cool i might use some of this stuff 

  • Jamescott

    smoke weed

    • lexilogos


  • Master

    That is some weird stuff I plan to use my laptop at the campground and maybe swim :/

    • iHateYou

      you’re the worst kind of person.

  • Chrisj7587

    I like #87 and #36, maybe if we have time we can knock out two birds with one stone…. it kinda seams like the poster got board in the middle of this, even the “stay indoors” was a little off lol. I probably will reffer to this, but getting drunk def. needs to be on the list, as well as skinny dipping, and messing with the friends that go to sleep to early.

  • crazykid

    Enjoy life where nobody can call you on your cell phone

  • ????????????????????

    half of those are pretty gay its fine if your a family but how about something for people above the age of 6 really dude ghost stories that is weak hows about ride bikes (ATV’s) burn stuff have some actual fun

    • Luna

      Some of us find joy in the more simple things in life. Dirty hippie.

    • yarly

      Agreed. Why don’t you write a list of less-gay activities.

  • poop

    what ever the fuck you want

  • Haley

    Boohoo to those who can’t go without their iPhone for 10 seconds and to those who are afraid of bugs. Seriously- if you want to go camping then you have to deal with it. Camping WILL involve bugs. If you can’t handle camping without electronics, then don’t go. DUH.

    • Haleys brother

      Written by Haley lying on the couch with a tub of ice cream. Sent by iPhone in 10 seconds

      • dude


  • mommyber

    Leave No Trace, because you want others to enjoy the camping spot you just left go to lnt.org or treadlightly.com

  • Cindy Nipper

    We love camping. We have done it with groups, with our family or just as a romantic get away. I’ve never made a list before, but you inspired me so here’s some more family friendly ideas to add to your list if you want. I’m a bit crafty so many of mine are more craft oriented.

    My list:

    1. Build a dam.
    2. Go swimming.
    3. Build a birdhouse.
    4. Play flashlight tag.
    5. Feed the ducks.
    6. Make sun catchers.
    7. Watch the sunset/sunrise.
    8. Make camping eggs (scrambled eggs with only a fry pan and eggs, no milk, fork or bowl).
    9. Take the dogs for a walk.
    10. Climb a mountain.
    11. Use your homemade bug repellant.
    12. Hand wash your laundry and hang to dry.
    13. Build a mini home or town with recycled materials.
    14. Pick up trash.
    15. Drink hot cocoa.
    16. Write a letter.
    17. Dream.
    18. Catch butterflies.
    19. Decorate your campsite.
    20. Play hopscotch with rocks and twigs or draw in sand or dirt.
    21. Eat some homemade trail mix or granola bars.
    22. Play with a Rubrics cube.
    23. Keep a journal of camping adventures.
    24. Blow bubbles.
    25. Do a science experiment.
    26. Play with sparklers.
    27. Play in the rain.
    28. Run in circles.
    29. Go caroling.
    30. Make crafts with burnt matches.
    31. Tie-dye something.
    32. Play basketball.
    33. Play two or four square.
    34. Play catch.
    35. Have an egg in a spoon race.
    36. Have a shaving /whip cream fight.
    37. Have a water balloon fight.
    38. Make paper Mache.
    39. Macramé
    40. Crochet a scarf.
    41. Dramatize a book.
    42. Make sun tea.
    43. Collect pinecones.
    44. Make a duct tape wallet.
    45. Play some drinking games while sober.
    46. Play ping-pong on the picnic table.
    47. Make peach cobbler in the Dutch oven.
    48. Go clamming.
    49. Catch frogs.
    50. Walk barefoot.
    51. Pick clovers.
    52. Braid someone’s hair.
    53. Make a flower crown.
    54. Make a pine bough wreath.
    55. Make fire starters.
    56. Decorate candles with natural items.
    57. Make footprints in the dirt or sand and add melted candle wax to have a keepsake.
    58. Use leftover tinfoil to create figures.
    59. Make a rag doll.
    60. Use socks for a puppet show.
    61. Paint a pet rock.
    62. Practice sewing by hand.
    63. Tell your favorite bible story.
    64. Make doughnuts in your Dutch oven.
    65. Play tug of war.
    66. Enjoy nature.
    67. Play with silly string.

  • Earl Patterson

    That’s 98. I see two same in list. 87 and 36 – Play Hide and Seek.

    • chenifer

      Hide and go seek tag and hide and seek are kinda different games….

  • Lily


  • Katelyn richmond

    Cool ideas

  • Jerano

    Good Idears fellers :-)

  • Kat

    do you realize you have “take an afternoon nap” twice? one just adds that you make a hammock first. Someone likes napping i think. ;)

  • Tittyfucker


  • Austin

    I heard great stuff about camping


    i go camping with my friends and family we do lots of stuff like play
    hide and seek
    swimming in the lake
    going in the canoe
    make smoresssss.
    enjoy life~

  • BigFamBam

    Awesome list, thanks for sharing ! Will use these this weekend – ready to unplug :D

  • Tiffany Xiong

    Play Cards Against Humanity ;D

  • ola2tu

    This is all good and all but what about the person who is not so keen to the idea of camping. I imagine that most of the people who ask ‘isn’t it boring’ are ones who are not so open or adventurous. So therefore with these things they(people) either are afraid to do (like bug picking) or need more to be entertained, as some of these things still are somewhat “boring”. i say this in part because i consider my friend (and other kinds of ppl) who is open and yet still not but would like to be more adventurous as she is kind of a nit picky, ocd kind of person… :)

  • Melissa Mayhem

    No no no on #20. Leave the damn flowers alone

  • reality

    I feel like this is a list of the 99 most boring things in existence.

  • Gavin O’loughlin

    why did they even add 68?! its so stupid