10 Ways To Waste the Day Away When You’re Snowed In

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Now, ideally if you’re snowed in you’ve still got power and you’re stocked with plenty of food (yep planning ahead pays off again).  But. if the weather has got you thinking that it’s safer (or just better) to stay inside for a while and let the snow plows and sun have their way with the piles of snow read on for ten ways to spend your time when you’re snowed in.

Snowed In

Play Cards, Board games, or Do a Puzzle

Yep, you knew it was coming, but what better excuse do you have to make your husband play Monopoly with you?  Break out the Uno deck, or find that weird puzzle your cousin got you for Christmas that you stuck on the back shelf of your closet.  Buying Cards Against Humanity in preparation for any potential upcoming blizzards is completely acceptable.

Read a Book

You’ve got nowhere else to be, but you’ve got a shelf or pile full of books that you’ve been meaning to read ‘when you get around to it’.  Now’s the time!  Nock through a novel or learn how to dominate the world, and you’ll have actually accomplished something when you’re friends just sat around being bored.

Plan Your Dream Vacation

Whether or not you’ve got internet, take some time and flesh out your dream vacation.  What time of year?  Where would you go?  What type of transportation would you take?  How long would you go for?  Make the details so clear you  can see them, and enjoy the process.  Even if you couldn’t make the trip a reality, delve deep into the suspended disbelief and enjoy the trip in your imagination.

Watch a Movie or Binge on Netflix

Whether it’s an old dvd you haven’t watched in ages, or your Netflix streaming, if you’ve got power and internet go for it.  Watch the entire series of Breaking Bad all over again or watch a classic like The Wizard of Oz.  You’ve got nothing better to do, so just kick back and enjoy.

Take a Nap

A nap is a bit of an indulgence if you live a standard corporate life during the week.  Indulge!  Cuddle up on the couch with an electric blanket and a pile of pillow, or crawl in bed with your down comforter and fall asleep until you wake up.  Waking up without an alarm is a beautiful thing.


If you fill up your pantry and fridge ahead of time, you can use the weather as an excuse to cook up a storm.  Those tricky complicated recipes that would be torture after work, can be a relaxing afternoon followed by a gourmet event.

Enjoy the Music

Pull out the harmonica, the acoustic guitar or just your long-forgotten mp3 collection and jam out.

Cut Your Hair

This one may sound odd, but hear me out.  Trimming your hair or cutting some bangs is totally do-able and should disaster strike you can always blame it on a tragic snow blower accident.

Knit a Scarf or Crochet a Hat

Use the down time to pick up your long-forgotten hobbies, such as knitting or crocheting.  a lazy day at home is the perfect time to knock out a simple scarf or hat to rock once you do head out in the cold.


To fend of the cabin fever feeling, rock out a workout.  Whether a youtube video, a great dvd workout or just a simple bodyweight exercise routine, exercise is just the thing to fend off that couped-in feeling.